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Emily Hughes

Control Your Thoughts to Overcome, You Must

Throughout history, gurus from Buddha to the Dali Lama to Yoda have taught the importance of clearing your thoughts to overcome obstacles, but does their sage wisdom carry any validity? Is there really a correlation between the ability to control your thoughts and psychological resiliency? Researchers recently sought to answer this question and determine the neurophysiological framework behind the answer. Spoiler alert: their findings did not explain how Luke Skywalker could levitate. In their p[...]

How To Deal with Office Gossip

office gossip

Gossip Didn’t End in High School Remember when you finally graduated high school and were so excited to leave the drama behind? Goodbye, gossip! Goodbye, rumors! Goodbye, cliques! Fast forward: You enter the corporate office. Suddenly, you feel like a teenager surrounded by instigators. But, this time, the stakes are higher because office gossip won’t just make you unpopular. Instead, it could cost you your job! You never learned to deal with gossip in high school because you thought it wo[...]