From Problems to Profitability

Tim is the COO of a tech startup who was beginning to feel frustrated with other strong personalities on his executive team who had worked together for over a decade in a previous organization. As the company grew, so did the team’s interpersonal conflicts. Tim noticed that they struggled to make decisions while maintaining mutual respect and felt the tension in each conversation. Discussions could easily escalate into arguments. The team was worried about the effect this would have on their organization’s culture, so they decided to retain Hodges Coaching for coaching/consulting services.
The executive team began receiving both 1:1 coaching for each executive on a twice-monthly basis and a team session once monthly. During the first month, in the 1:1 setting, Sarah focused on developing rapport and helping each individual increase awareness of their own triggers so they could better self-regulate during conflicts. In the first group session, she taught the executive team her proprietary, neuroscience-based Conversation Algorithms™. This was a game-changer for the team and immediately transformed their interactions because they could accept the neuroscientific importance of empathy in discussions. 
In month two, a 360º assessment was conducted on each executive team member to increase awareness of how each individual’s actions were perceived by their network. Sarah first reviewed each individual’s results in the 1:1 setting. Then in the group setting, she facilitated a discussion about the results in a positive and growth-promoting manner. This helped the team self-reflect, bond, and solidify their coaching objectives. 
In subsequent months, all coaching was tailored to the progress and needs of the team. They individually and collectively examined their core values, self-regulation techniques, and specific company dilemmas.
In the fifth month, once the team mastered communicating healthily and increased their mutual trust and rapport, Sarah introduced her proprietary, neuroscience-backed A+ Method™ for organizations to help the team solve a complex, systemic problem. The team found the process so helpful that they adopted it as a standard within their company to work toward goals, solve problems, and make sustainable improvements. 
As a result of their coaching engagement, the executive team not only solved their communication issues, but they closed a new round of capital and successfully launched a new product that increased profitability. Additionally, each team member reports more joy at work and home, less stress overall, and dramatically improved personal and professional relationships. 
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