From Revolt to Revolution

A large non-profit struggled with change management after modifications were made to the roles and responsibilities of 25 branch managers, which was met with resistance and frustration. The branch managers were confused about their new responsibilities, felt restricted by new limitations, and lost trust in leadership. Hodges Coaching was brought in to conduct a 3-hour in-person workshop and was assigned the objective of getting “buy-in” from the managers.
Hodges customized a workshop for the organization, and Sarah taught a blend of her three proprietary neuroscience techniques: the Stress Matrix™, Conversation Algorithms™, and the A+ Method™ modified for teams. The workshop combined lectures and breakout sessions in which the branch managers gained new communication insights, worked collaboratively to gain clarity in their roles, and they practiced the A+ Method™ to pioneer new initiatives in their branches. 
Throughout the workshop, Sarah anonymously surveyed the level of “buy-in” among the branch managers and measured a 10% improvement in the span of just 2 hours. She then asked the managers to collectively develop a list to identify what else they could do to settle into their new roles post-workshop, which set the course for sustained improvement. The managers were also given a self-inventory tool that matched their new job description with areas for personalization so they could self-assess their progress in the future. 
In the weeks following the workshop, Sarah met with several branch managers and leaders within the organization to determine efficacy. Feedback resulted in a major improvement in both efficiency and satisfaction from the branch managers. The managers were regularly self-assessing their success in their new roles, holding A+ Method™ meetings with their teams to solve ongoing systemic issues, and modeling psychologically safe conversations, which were improving overall rapport throughout the organization.
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