How To Deal with Office Gossip

office gossip

Gossip Didn’t End in High SchoolRemember when you finally graduated high school and were so excited to leave the drama behind? Goodbye, gossip! Goodbye, rumors! Goodbye, cliques!Fast forward: You enter the corporate office. Suddenly, you feel like a teenager surrounded by instigators. But, this time, the stakes are higher because office[...]

How to Spot a Narcissist at Work

Narcissists are real. The term “narcissist” has lost meaning in recent years due to overuse and an inaccurate understanding of the true definition of a “narcissist.” We overly weaponized the term, rendering it ineffective when describing narcissistic behavior. Now it’s no more than a synonym for “jerk” or “ass hole,” el[...]

From Wandering to Winning

Mark is the CEO of a unique mid-sized technology and construction company. As a self-proclaimed student of continuous self-improvement, Mark was looking for someone to take him to the next level. He felt that he had gone as far as he could go on his own, and he wanted to discover new ways of thinking and doing that could improve his life[...]

From Loathed to Leader

Jeremy is a CTO at a technology start-up who was a talented developer but had never held a leadership position in such a large company. He climbed the ranks by impressing senior leadership with his impressive talents, but Jeremy had little experience managing others. As a result, he quickly became angry when frustrated and expressed his a[...]