From Fear to Fierce

Janine worked her way up the corporate ladder in her organization from executive assistant to an executive leadership role. She attributed her success to her work ethic and attention to detail, but she soon realized that her new role required more time, responsibilities, and tasks.
When Janine started coaching, she was already burnt out and suffering from self-declared imposter syndrome. She had difficulty managing her new leadership role interpersonally within her organization, and she felt there weren’t enough hours in the day to complete her tasks and be successful in her role.
Through coaching, we utilized the A+ Method™ to rewire Janine’s mindset around what made her successful. Because Janine attributed her success to completing more tasks than her peers, she felt insecure when delegating tasks to others. Then we focused on improving Janine’s leadership of her peers and direct reports, some of whom were previously her superiors. She began to utilize Conversation Algorithms™ to handle uncomfortable conversations, build trust and rapport, and ultimately model conscious leadership for her organization.
At Janine’s final session, she reported that she exceeded every goal she set for coaching, received a massive promotion and an increase in her salary, and finally felt that she had a healthy work/life balance. We surveyed Janine six months later to determine the sustainability of her results, and she self-reported an astounding 90% decrease in stress, a 90% increase in motivation, and a 100% improvement in personal and professional relationships. 
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