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A+ Method™️

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The A+ Method™️ is our highly tested, sustainable, and powerful approach to continuous personal and professional growth and innovation for both individuals and organizations. As humans, we each have “stress buckets” overflowing with chronic negative stress. Using our powerful neuroscience-based techniques, we teach you how to drain your stress bucket to create capacity for new aims. Then, we teach you how to achieve your objectives in a more fulfilling and less stress-inducing way. Our A+ Method™️ was created and designed as a feedback loop for conscious and ceaseless evolution. We often say that the solution IS the continuous innovation of the problem. Our clients report that this process is transformational and significantly improves their lives. We think it’s just science.

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From Scarcity to Success

“Pete increased his book of business by 50% in one month and created standard operating procedures to support the influx of new clients without becoming overwhelmed.”

Conversation Algorithms™️

Conversation Algorithms™️

Have you ever argued over pure “facts?” That’s because your ability to communicate effectively is only as good as the listener’s ability to hear you. Our Conversation Algorithms™️ use brain-based techniques to ethically prime the listener’s brain for receptivity, increase trust and rapport, and find solutions. This is our most popular neuroscience tool at Hodges Coaching because of its wide range of applicability. Conversation Algorithms™️ have been used among team members to foster solution-focused conversations, increase innovation, bolster psychological safety, and create an overall healthier culture. In a 1:1 coaching setting, our clients have used Conversation Algorithms™️ to improve personal and professional relationships, resolve conflict, improve employee retention, and sharpen leadership skills.

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From Fear to Fierce

“She self-reported an astounding 90% decrease in stress, a 90% increase in motivation, and a 100% improvement in personal and professional relationships.”

Stress Matrix™️

Stress Matrix™️

Our proprietary Stress Matrix™️ is the newest neuroscience-based tool at Hodges Coaching and evaluates the interrelationship of chronic negative stress at the personal, social, and system levels of any network. Most organizational systems are built for efficiency to remove the possibility of human error, but this can negatively impact personnel. By treating humans like robots, these systems damage culture and diminish psychological safety over time. At Hodges, we help our clients build systems that support innovation, engagement, and self-leadership to foster trust and rapport, employee retention, and organizational resilience. Used in conjunction with our other proprietary techniques above, the Stress Matrix™️ rounds out our suite of science-backed tools from assessment through application.

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From Loathed to Leader

“He could now evaluate systems objectively, communicate healthily with his team to make improvements, and innovate standard operating procedures that furthered the success of his entire company.”

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Past Client Achievements

Major Weight loss
Lowered blood pressure
Healed diabetes
Increased revenue by 40% in a month
Doubled profit in one year
Healed marriages
Improved relationships with adult children
Improved relationships with young children
Successful launches of new businesses
Successful capital raises

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