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How to Spot a Narcissist at Work

Narcissists are real. The term “narcissist” has lost meaning in recent years due to overuse and an inaccurate understanding of the true definition of a “narcissist.” We overly weaponized the term, rendering it ineffective when describing narcissistic behavior. Now it’s no more than a synonym for “jerk” or “ass hole,” eliciting eye rolls.Unfortunately, this dangerous tendency to throw around the label of “narcissist” without fully understanding the definition creates an atm[...]

From Revolt to Revolution

A large non-profit struggled with change management after modifications were made to the roles and responsibilities of 25 branch managers, which was met with resistance and frustration. The branch managers were confused about their new responsibilities, felt restricted by new limitations, and lost trust in leadership. Hodges Coaching was brought in to conduct a 3-hour in-person workshop and was assigned the objective of getting “buy-in” from the managers. Hodges customized a workshop for the[...]

From Loathed to Leader

Jeremy is a CTO at a technology start-up who was a talented developer but had never held a leadership position in such a large company. He climbed the ranks by impressing senior leadership with his impressive talents, but Jeremy had little experience managing others. As a result, he quickly became angry when frustrated and expressed his anger with very little empathy. His team became offended, and trust quickly eroded. Despite Jeremy’s problematic interpersonal skills, he had the self-awarene[...]

5 Quick Tips to Manage Stress and Uncertainty

Managing Stress

Written By Sarah Hodges Have you ever noticed that in times of stress, you make unusual mistakes?  You may repeatedly misplace your phone, lock your keys in your car, or forget to put out the trash.  At work, you lose emails, forget appointments, or just feel unmotivated.  When this happens, most people chastise themselves (or each other) for their forgetfulness or laziness. Unfortunately, responding harshly to yourself adds to the overall feeling of stress, leading to[...]

How to Connect With Your Team Remotely

Connecting Remotely

Written By Sarah Hodges Sarah Hodges speaks with David Grasso on BOLD TV How can you connect with your team while under quarantine? Look at it as an opportunity to connect in unique, authentic ways you wouldn't have otherwise on a normal day at the office. Become Your Own Coach! Join 5 Minute Coaching Every week we send 5 minute coaching prompts to help build the tools of effective self-leaders. Let us join you on your conscious leadership evolution.[...]

Triggered? Find Power in the Pause.

Finding Your Power

Written By Sarah Hodges Triggered? You know the feeling of being triggered. Someone cuts you off in traffic, and profanities flow from your mouth like a drunken sailor as you erratically zoom around him and flip him “the bird”. Your boss sends an accusatory email after work, and you can feel your face turn green as you morph into the Incredible Hulk and draft a seething reply. Your printer runs out of ink just minutes before a big meeting, and your foot quickly puts a dent in the side of[...]

Peer Pressure – It Didn’t End in High School

Peer Pressure

Written By Sarah Hodges Peer Pressure DNA Peer pressure didn’t end in high school. We like to think of ourselves as evolved individuals who have grown up. The truth is that when it comes to peer pressure, we’ve barely evolved since we were cavemen. It’s in our DNA. We are a social species subject to social evaluative threat. This is the threat we feel when we’re losing our social status among our peer group. In early hunter and gatherer days, this made a lot of sense. If you were a liab[...]

Attached to Expectations – A Recipe for Stress

Attached to Expectations

Written By Sarah Hodges Attached to Expectations Did you ever watch “The Office?”  Remember the time when Michael Scott, the eccentric manager played by Steve Carell, was so insistent on following his GPS that he drove his car right into a lake?  I still laugh to myself as I think of that scene.  Michael Scott had an expectation that his GPS was going to take him right to his destination, and he was so attached to that expectation that deviating from the map was incomprehensi[...]