From Loathed to Leader

Jeremy is a CTO at a technology start-up who was a talented developer but had never held a leadership position in such a large company. He climbed the ranks by impressing senior leadership with his impressive talents, but Jeremy had little experience managing others. As a result, he quickly became angry when frustrated and expressed his anger with very little empathy. His team became offended, and trust quickly eroded. 
Despite Jeremy’s problematic interpersonal skills, he had the self-awareness to know he needed support. He was open to coaching and responsive to the A+ Method™ and Conversation Algorithms™. Through self-compassion techniques, Jeremy improved his ability to self-regulate before articulating his needs to the rest of his team in a respectful and empathetic manner. He soon learned that his team responded better and faster and that work was more fun!
When Jeremy could better articulate his needs, we began using our proprietary Stress Matrix™ tool to identify systemic issues that his frustration and interpersonal conflict had masked. As a result of his coaching progress, he could now evaluate systems objectively, communicate healthily with his team to make improvements, and innovate standard operating procedures that furthered the success of his entire company.  
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