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How to Deliver Bad News to Your Staff

Delivering Bad News

Written By Sarah Hodges “We’re changing our benefits plan next year, and I need to know how to deliver the news to our staff,” said an executive coaching client in a recent session. The delivery of bad news is a common topic that comes up whenever I’m coaching a leader who sees the value in an engaged culture.  They know that sometimes they have to make hard decisions for the good of the organization as a whole, but they also want to protect employee morale. “How should I tell t[...]

The 6 Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Leadership Communication

Leadership Communication

Written By Sarah Hodges The Most Common Leadership Complaints As an Executive Coach, one of the most frustrating and recurring issues my clients face is employee underperformance.      - “Their job is simple.  I don’t know why they can’t just do it,” a leader told me during a recent coaching session.      - “They should be able to complete this task. It’s just not that hard!” said another manager.      - “They keep asking me th[...]

Five Ways to Spot an Instigator

Spotting Instigators

Written By Sarah Hodges Instigators are lurking in your life right now.  They exist in your family, circle of friends, and in the workplace. They cause problems, and their interactions leave you with less energy - like a vampire who feeds off your positivity and optimism.  Sometimes they’re easy to spot, but many of them wear masks veiled as your support system. You need to unveil these instigators to learn how to manage them in your life. Here are Five Easy Ways to Spot an Instigator #1[...]