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How To Deal with Office Gossip

office gossip

Gossip Didn’t End in High SchoolRemember when you finally graduated high school and were so excited to leave the drama behind? Goodbye, gossip! Goodbye, rumors! Goodbye, cliques!Fast forward: You enter the corporate office. Suddenly, you feel like a teenager surrounded by instigators. But, this time, the stakes are higher because office gossip won’t just make you unpopular. Instead, it could cost you your job!You never learned to deal with gossip in high school because you thought it would e[...]

How To Deal with a Narcissist at Work

This is the second article in our series on Narcissism. If you haven’t already read our first article, we recommend checking it out here. Here's How to Deal with a Narcissist at Work. If you think you’re dealing with a narcissist at work, you first need to determine whether or not they are, in fact, a narcissist. Unfortunately, Narcissistic Personality Disorder can only be diagnosed by a mental health professional. Still, there are specific indicators you can look for that will help you[...]

From Revolt to Revolution

A large non-profit struggled with change management after modifications were made to the roles and responsibilities of 25 branch managers, which was met with resistance and frustration. The branch managers were confused about their new responsibilities, felt restricted by new limitations, and lost trust in leadership. Hodges Coaching was brought in to conduct a 3-hour in-person workshop and was assigned the objective of getting “buy-in” from the managers. Hodges customized a workshop for the[...]

From Problems to Profitability

Tim is the COO of a tech startup who was beginning to feel frustrated with other strong personalities on his executive team who had worked together for over a decade in a previous organization. As the company grew, so did the team’s interpersonal conflicts. Tim noticed that they struggled to make decisions while maintaining mutual respect and felt the tension in each conversation. Discussions could easily escalate into arguments. The team was worried about the effect this would have on their o[...]

From Wandering to Winning

Mark is the CEO of a unique mid-sized technology and construction company. As a self-proclaimed student of continuous self-improvement, Mark was looking for someone to take him to the next level. He felt that he had gone as far as he could go on his own, and he wanted to discover new ways of thinking and doing that could improve his life experience. In Mark’s first coaching session, he admitted that the only gap in his life was his relationship with his wife. He described their relationship a[...]

From Fear to Fierce

Janine worked her way up the corporate ladder in her organization from executive assistant to an executive leadership role. She attributed her success to her work ethic and attention to detail, but she soon realized that her new role required more time, responsibilities, and tasks.When Janine started coaching, she was already burnt out and suffering from self-declared imposter syndrome. She had difficulty managing her new leadership role interpersonally within her organization, and she felt ther[...]

How to Deliver Bad News to Your Staff

Delivering Bad News

Written By Sarah Hodges “We’re changing our benefits plan next year, and I need to know how to deliver the news to our staff,” said an executive coaching client in a recent session. The delivery of bad news is a common topic that comes up whenever I’m coaching a leader who sees the value in an engaged culture.  They know that sometimes they have to make hard decisions for the good of the organization as a whole, but they also want to protect employee morale. “How should I tell t[...]

The 6 Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Leadership Communication

Leadership Communication

Written By Sarah Hodges The Most Common Leadership ComplaintsAs an Executive Coach, one of the most frustrating and recurring issues my clients face is employee underperformance.     - “Their job is simple.  I don’t know why they can’t just do it,” a leader told me during a recent coaching session.     - “They should be able to complete this task. It’s just not that hard!” said another manager.     - “They keep asking me the same questions over and over again!” co[...]

Five Ways to Spot an Instigator

Spotting Instigators

Written By Sarah Hodges Instigators are lurking in your life right now.  They exist in your family, circle of friends, and in the workplace. They cause problems, and their interactions leave you with less energy - like a vampire who feeds off your positivity and optimism.  Sometimes they’re easy to spot, but many of them wear masks veiled as your support system. You need to unveil these instigators to learn how to manage them in your life. Here are Five Easy Ways to Spot an Instigator #1[...]