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Control Your Thoughts to Overcome, You Must

Throughout history, gurus from Buddha to the Dali Lama to Yoda have taught the importance of clearing your thoughts to overcome obstacles, but does their sage wisdom carry any validity? Is there really a correlation between the ability to control your thoughts and psychological resiliency? Researchers recently sought to answer this question and determine the neurophysiological framework behind the answer. Spoiler alert: their findings did not explain how Luke Skywalker could levitate.In their pa[...]

How Better Self-Care Makes You More Money

Self-Care & More Money

Written By Sarah Hodges As a Founder, if you don’t have your health in check—especially your mental health—staying focused and raising capital for your startup can seem impossible. Putting your health first means taking time to truly rest when you’re sick, getting an annual physical, and taking other measures to make sure you stay healthy and happy so you can be the best leader for your team. It’s tough for everyone in these unprecedented times. Normal day-to-day routines have been sw[...]

How Better Self-Care Makes You A Better Leader

Self-Care & Leadership

Written By Sarah Hodges Neglecting to practice meaningful self-care can affect productivity and the ability to effectively lead a team. Looking to develop stronger leadership skills? Part two of the “Self-Care for Startup Founders” webinar series, hosted by Hodges Coaching and Jumpstart Foundry, addresses ways that startup founders can practice self-care (even with their busy schedules) and how these practices help improve leadership efficiency, boost morale and increase productivity.[...]

Self-Care 101 for Startup Founders

Self-Care 101

Written By Sarah Hodges Self-care is a necessity in the midst of running a business, and startup founders need to understand this more than anyone… Whether you’re a founder or wish to be one, check out Part One of our three-part webinar series, “Self-Care 101 For Startup Founders” hosted by Jumpstart Foundry and Hodges Coaching. At Jumpstart, they don’t just write checks—they’re strategic partners invested in working together long-term to help innovative healthcare compa[...]

Do You Really Know Yourself?

Knowing Yourself

Written By Sarah Hodges Do You Know Yourself? You are your most important companion, and knowing yourself is essential to success. But, how well do you really know yourself? I’m not talking about your habits, tendencies, and preferences. I mean, how well do you know yourself the way you know your closest companions? –The way you can feel your best friend’s anxiety the moment he picks up the phone, or sense that your brother has something mischievous planned by the indescribable expression[...]

Ghosts of Your Past – How to Stop the Haunt

Stopping the Haunt

Written By Sarah Hodges The Ghosts in your Mind Remember when you were a child, and you asked your mom to keep the lights on when you went to bed at night? Even though your mom assured you that ghosts and monsters were not real, you didn’t buy it. So, your mom left your door open a crack or turned on your nightlight to stop the haunt. If she didn’t, she knew that you’d probably have an inevitable meltdown. As an adult, you now know that the ghosts were all in your head. Perhaps you even t[...]

How to Kill your Inner A-hole in 3 Easy Steps

Killing Your Inner A-Hole

Written By Sarah Hodges Meet your Inner A-hole Everyone has an inner a-hole walking around with them through life.  Imagine this: It’s just another day, and you’re going about your business at work. Maybe you’re even feeling a little extra confident! …When suddenly, out of nowhere, your inner a-hole shows up. “You’re such an idiot. You’re never going to get that promotion.”  — Within moments, you feel tense and insecure. Your inner a-hole has you[...]

The Secret Safety of Self-Sabotage

Safety of Self-Sabotage

Written By Sarah Hodges The real reason you’re not achieving your goals… There is a secret safety in self-sabotage. No matter how badly you desire to achieve your goals, reaching them might be subconsciously scarier than staying stuck. Developing new habits and transforming your life is not only difficult, but it requires a certain amount of comfort with uncertainty. For example, what would life be like if you left your job and started your own business? How would life be different if you r[...]

The Inner Critic

The Inner Critic

Written By Sarah Hodges The Audience Do you ever feel like you’re walking through life with an imaginary audience? Are you ever wondering what this audience is thinking about you?   What kinds of thoughts do you imagine them thinking about you? Fish Bowl I remember the days when I was obese.  I didn’t want to leave my apartment because I didn’t like people looking at me.  I didn’t like being stared at as I walked down the street.  I actually really wanted to go for[...]

The Daily Feel-Good List

Daily Feel-Good List

Written By Sarah Hodges What is “Feeling Good” for you? Imagine a normal day in your life when you feel really good.   Imagine a normal day in your life when you feel like your best self. What are you doing?  How are you caring for yourself?  Are you taking out moments for fun or introspection? Do you have habits you’re proud of? Feel-Good Pattern A few months ago I noticed a pattern: on days when I felt like I was thriving and balanced, I engaged in certain tasks and acti[...]