Self-Care & More Money

How Better Self-Care Makes You More Money

Written By Sarah Hodges

As a Founder, if you don’t have your health in check—especially your mental health—staying focused and raising capital for your startup can seem impossible.

Putting your health first means taking time to truly rest when you’re sick, getting an annual physical, and taking other measures to make sure you stay healthy and happy so you can be the best leader for your team.

It’s tough for everyone in these unprecedented times. Normal day-to-day routines have been swept out from under our feet and replaced with a new, uncertain world of virtual communication and social isolation. It’s more important than ever to emphasize self-care, monitor stress levels, and to take the necessary measures to stay accountable, productive, and sane!

We were delighted to partner once again with Jumpstart Foundry for Part Three of our “Self-Care 101 for Startup Founders” webinar series. Missed the first two sessions? No worries! The links are below!

In Part Three, we broke down:

1) The reasons why practicing self-care as a startup founder is essential

2) How taking care of yourself makes you a better leader

3) How self-care can help you win big with investors and raise capital for your business

4) Dealing with the stress emotions and sudden changes brought on by COVID-19 and social distancing

Remembering taking care of personal, mental, and physical health is especially critical during times of uncertainty and social distancing brought on by COVID-19. Being an effective startup leader means acknowledging and tending to your own feelings so you can listen and communicate to your team and investors openly, honestly, and with a clear head.

Check out the full Part Three webinar recording to learn about all the ways that self-care can help you become a better leader, make more money, and achieve success with your business!

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