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How Better Self-Care Makes You A Better Leader

Written By Sarah Hodges

Neglecting to practice meaningful self-care can affect productivity and the ability to effectively lead a team.

Looking to develop stronger leadership skills? Part two of the “Self-Care for Startup Founders” webinar series, hosted by Hodges Coaching and Jumpstart Foundry, addresses ways that startup founders can practice self-care (even with their busy schedules) and how these practices help improve leadership efficiency, boost morale and increase productivity.

We were delighted to partner with Jumpstart for a webinar series focused on ways that startup founders can practice meaningful self-care in the workplace and at home.

In Part Two, we broke down:

1) The basics of stress—Stress is healthy; it keeps us alive and safe but chronic stress can impede the ability to make decisions, connections and impair judgment

2) How to be mindful of stress signals/triggers and manage the feelings that surface as a result

3) How to use these tools to practice self-care and self-compassion so you can become a better leader for your team

4) BONUS: Dealing with the stress emotions and sudden changes brought on by COVID-19 and social distancing

Remembering to take care of personal, mental, and physical health is especially critical during times of uncertainty and social distancing like what the world is currently experiencing. Being an effective startup leader means acknowledging and tending to your own feelings so you can listen and communicate to your team openly, honestly, and with a clear head.

Watch the full webinar below!

Did you miss Part One?

Be sure to check out Part One, “Self-Care 101 For Startup Founders”! If you’ve already watched it, you’re ready to move onto Part Three.

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