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The Daily Feel-Good List

Daily Feel-Good List

Written By Sarah Hodges What is “Feeling Good” for you? Imagine a normal day in your life when you feel really good.   Imagine a normal day in your life when you feel like your best self. What are you doing?  How are you caring for yourself?  Are you taking out moments for fun or introspection? Do you have habits you’re proud of? Feel-Good Pattern A few months ago I noticed a pattern: on days when I felt like I was thriving and balanced, I engaged in certain tasks and acti[...]



Written By Sarah Hodges The Mud Puddle Resiliency is the ability to continue on our life’s journey while easily navigating the twists, turns, and obstacles in our path. It’s the ability to respond to situations in a way that promotes growth, well-being, and a deeper understanding of ourselves. I often think of resiliency as the ability to wade through the mud puddles of life. These mud puddles can manifest themselves as a multitude of negative experiences, emotions, or stress. Whether we’[...]

Choice Overload

Choice Overload

Written By Sarah Hodges Choice Overload Feeling the fear and doing it anyway is easy when our choices are limited and we’re in survival mode. Our bodies are intimately familiar with the “fight or flight” response when it comes to meeting our basic needs, so making choices to help us survive is relatively intuitive. In our “choice overload” society, however, we still feel fears and stress, but because our basic needs are met, the fears are subtler and the answers are less obvious. In m[...]

Commitment to Self-Care

Committing to Self-Care

Written By Sarah Hodges Commitment to Self-Care Traditional Commitment There’s a lot of talk about commitment in the health and wellness community.  The message is that no matter what’s going on in your life, you just have to stick with your commitments in order to “get results.” Sounds easy, right? Unfortunately, oftentimes a blind commitment to general health and wellness advice can be very stressful to the body.   For example, what if we commit to running every morning, b[...]