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Sarah Hodges - Senior Executive Coach


Sarah Hodges is a certified coach, speaker, and creator of the A+ Method™️ for Sustainable Solutions. The powerful A+ Method™️ helps clients ‘get out of their own way’ to excel in business and thrive in life.

Sarah’s passion for personal growth began after she struggled with obesity and depression as a professional musician and opera singer. After losing 90 pounds and transforming her own life, she sought out extensive education in the science of behavior change. In the several years since she has helped thousands of people make positive changes in their lives and careers from the inside-out.

Sarah holds certifications from the International Coach Federation and NeuroLeadership Institute. Her clients appreciate her warm, direct style of coaching and her firm conviction to a science-backed approach.

Anna Houden - Associate Leadership Coach

Anna Zuberer is a Self-Leadership Coach who brings her outgoing enthusiasm to every coaching conversation.  After graduating from Colorado State University, Anna entered the corporate world and began the arduous climb up the leadership ladder.  However, after witnessing unhappy coworkers and poor work culture, she decided to transform her career to help others develop leadership from within.  She believes this creates better communication across management and teams, ultimately leading to a more happy and efficient work environment.  

Anna received her coach training from iPEC and is certified by the International Coach Federation.

She now lives in South Carolina with her new husband and spends her free time training her puppy.  Anna is also a runner, loves to hike, ski, and drink coffee (lots of coffee).

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Summer Interns 2020

At Hodges Coaching, we enjoy teaching and coaching summer interns who are interested in psychology, business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. 

Our summer interns give us an opportunity to share our five values as a company: Compassion, Connection, Growth, Authenticity, and Gratitude. 


Justin Klaus is a Junior at Michigan State University studying Psychology. His future goals include becoming a sports psychologist or an I/O psychologist. He took the role to gain insight about running a coaching business and to dive deeper into his interest in social media and podcasting. Given his skill set and interests, becoming an intern for Hodges Coaching was the best way to stay sane during Covid-19.


Emily Hughes is a senior at Grand Valley State University and is pursuing a degree in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. She took on this role to learn more about the behind the scenes of running a business and to get some valuable marketing experience. Emily is eager to implement what she has learned in school and is excited to see what this summer has in store for her at Hodges Coaching.