By treating humans like robots, these systems damage culture and diminish psychological safety over time. At Hodges, we help our clients build systems that support human innovation, engagement, and self-care to foster reciprocity and a healthy culture. 

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there is always a solution 

When are consulting can help:

  1. Your organization is seeing employee discord and dissatisfaction 
  2. You are experiencing a high levels of employee turnover 
  3. Finding it difficult to attract talent  
  4. Productivity levels are down 
  5. You have problem people on your team that you think needs coaching 

We understand the big picture of how stress impacts institutional systems through our Stress Matrix™. Through this proprietary approach, consultants evaluate the interrelations of chronic stress at the personal, social, and systemic levels and measure the overall psychological safety of the organization.  

Our consulting services have a two part process of assessment and implementation. 

When we assess your organization we become the ultimate observers, allowing for an unbiased approach. We sift through existing personnel surveys, talk to key leaders and stakeholders about pain points in the organization and utilize our own proprietary assessment tools to measure for risk of burnout, overwhelm, stress, and psychological safety in your organization. 

Once we have our results, we will recommend a customized program consisting of: 

  1. 1:1 Coaching 
  2. Team Coaching 
  3. Online Education  

 After implementation of the program we will reassess to display improvements of scores and show the progress that has been made in the assessment indicators.  Consulting is a completely customizable experience based on the needs of each company. 

Results You Can Expect

  1. Reduction is collective stress 
  2. Improved communication and productivity across teams 
  3. Improved neural capacity which leads to higher creativity and problem solving 
  4. Higher levels of employee engagement and satisfaction

What they’re Saying

Working with Sarah has been incredible for my growth and development in a leadership role. Leadership can be isolating at times, and Sarah helps work through tough situations from an objective, highly-experienced, highly-specialized multi-industry leadership lens." "She asks great questions that force you to view things from an angle you've never considered, and then helps you put into practice skills you'll use for the rest of your career in management.

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