We are a team of compassionate and neuroscience backed coaches that have a vision for helping individuals and teams thrive across the world using our science-based leadership and team development methods.

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We believe a world where humans thrive

Our Vision

We believe our approach can support a more human world where businesses use our science-based leadership and team development methods as standard protocol.

Our Proprietary Approaches

The A+ Coaching Method

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This method is our highly tested, sustainable, and powerful approach to goal setting and solution exploration for both individuals and organizations. As humans, we have what we like to call “stress buckets.” They are constantly overflowing with toxic and chronic stress. We teach clients how to drain the bucket first in order to create capacity for new goals and how to take on these new goals in a way that is not stress-inducing. Our A+ Method™️ was created and designed as a feedback loop for conscious and continual evolvement – the solution is continuous innovation of the problem.

Conversation Algortithms™️

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Effective communication isn’t just about the words you use. It’s about creating a space where the other person can hear you.Your ability to effectively communicate is only as good as the listener’s ability to take in what you say. Our Conversation Algorithms™️ use brain-based techniques to foster psychological safety and openness in the listener so that messages are received and innovative solutions are possible to find. When everybody in a team uses this technique, the results are solution-focused conversations, an increase in innovative ideas, and an overall healthier culture.

The Stress Matrix™️

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Most organizational systems are built for efficiency to remove the possibility of human error, but this can negatively impact personnel. By treating humans like robots, these systems damage culture and diminish psychological safety over time. At Hodges, we help our clients build systems that support human innovation, engagement, and self-care to foster reciprocity and a healthy culture. We use our proprietary Stress Matrix™️ to evaluate the interrelationship of chronic negative stress at the personal, social, and systemic levels.

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