5 Minute Coaching: Values

Your core values are the compass of your life.

You walk through life with an imaginary rule book. We all have one. This rule book is made up of your past experiences and the sense you made of your past experiences. In fact, most of your rule book was written prior to any of your conscious memories! This rule book exists to keep you feeling safe in your various social circles including family, friends, and colleagues. Its pages tell you what you think you need to do to be liked and valued by your tribe, and it includes an imaginary metric system where you can measure your perceived worth. 

But you know what? This rulebook doesn’t teach you anything about WHO you actually ARE. It doesn’t teach you how to make decisions that are right for YOU. This week we’re throwing out the imaginary rule book and giving you a compass to your life so you can navigate your experiences in a way that honors what really matters. Get ready to learn about your core values.
Download this week’s workbook pages below!
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