5 Minute Coaching: Mission

How do you want to live your everyday life?

Most people define their life mission as something they need to obtain in the distant future: an optimal career, lifestyle, legacy, or goal. These mission statements can be temporarily motivating, but they lack sustainability. Why? Traditional mission statements are inflexible and tie your worth to a specific future outcome, and that’s just not how the human experience works. Things change, new opportunities and adversities arise, and that requires us to adapt. 
That’s why, at Hodges, we believe in creating mission statements that reflect HOW you want to live your everyday life. You can live out your mission NOW in your current interactions, social circles, and daily experiences. This week you’ll be asked a series of crazy questions designed to help you think creatively about who you are and how you want to show up in the present moment. Have fun!
Download this week’s workbook pages below!
If you haven’t downloaded last week’s materials on Stress, download them below and come back to Mission next week!