5 Minute Coaching: Energy

A tiny battery can light up a room.

Imagine you’re taking a walk on a paved road, but suddenly you arrive at a giant wall blocking your path. You stand there staring at the wall, unsure what to do next. “Who would build a giant wall there?” you think to yourself. “This doesn’t make any sense.” You try to climb over it, but it’s too high. You try to walk around it, but the brush is too thick. You even try to throw stones at it, but it’s too strong. “This is not what I needed today. I was just trying to take a leisurely walk to relax, and of course, this wall had to be in my way,” you think. 
You don’t realize that you let your relaxing walk quickly become stressful when you let this wall annoy you. Why didn’t you just turn around and find a different relaxing path? For most people, this is how we live our lives. We let unusual or unchangeable things derail us from our objectives, stress us out, and rob us of our energy. What robs you of your energy?
Let’s find out.
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